Flashback consists of some of the most experienced musicians on the live-music scene in London, Surrey and Berkshire. They all share a love of the music of the 1950s. By joining forces they created the first Jive Supergroup!


Lead Vocals:
Sammie Ward

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Sammie began rockin’ around the midlands from a young age and found herself a regular on the local gig circuit performing solo in piano-bars, pubs and clubs. Sammie has captured crowds at festivals, weddings and nightclubs. Currently residing in Epsom, Sammie creates Vintage Glamour wherever she goes, leaving polka-dots and petticoats in her wake. When Sammie joined Flashback she halved the band's average age at a stroke.

Drums: Graham Orriss

Graham started playing in West London when Rock'n'Roll first exploded onto the scene, quitting Jazz combo the "Trad Dads" at the age of sixteen to join Camden Skiffle group "The Rock Island Boys". He played with with some of the biggest names of the Sixties Blues boom, and has been gigging regularly ever since. The highlight of his career (to date) was playing at the 2012 Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies. Graham joined "Flashback" after the band's original drummer disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

"Colonel" Mark Payne

Our sax player Colonel Payne has been gigging in and around London & the South East delta for over 20 years. Playing an eclectic mix of soul, funk & blues, he's now adding Flashback's Rock n Roll genre to his repertoire. Mark also brings an ever changing facial hair experience along to brighten up any occasion, he enjoys living on the edge...
of Woking.

Rolf Entwhistle

Born at an early age, Rolf's mother recalls using an old tea-chest bass as Rolf's cradle when he was a baby. This seems to have influenced his choice of instrument in later life! He's played in bands with an eclectic mix of styles including jazz, gospel, pop and folk. A Rock'n'Roller at heart, Rolf is making a big splash with Flashback.

"Reverend" Nick Street

After abandoning a short-lived career as a televangelist in disgrace, Reverend Street received a higher calling, and began a Revivalist movement for the music of the 1950s. The Reverend has since played around 300 gigs with his beloved Gretsch Country-Club guitar "Greta", and Gibson Les-Paul "Britney".